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Тhe voice of minaret

Тhe voice of minaret
Тhe voice of minaret


Minaret news,BG

Тhe voice of minaret

Тhe voice of minaret
Тhe voice of minaret

събота, април 25, 2009


The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom - Arab Christian Orthodox

The Priest voice is our Holy Father Pandeleimon Farah and the Choir is the School of Ecclesiastic Music Mount Lebanon

Track List
01. The Great Litany (or supplication)
02. The First Antiphon (By the Intercession of the Theotokou...Tes Presvies..)
03. The Little Litany (or supplication)
04. The Second Antiphon (Save us O Son of God..Soson imas Iye Theou)
05. Litany
06. Troparion (Mode 1_The grave was sealed...Ton lithon..)
07. Trisagion
08. Reading of the Epistle (Ephesos IV 7-13)
09. Reading of the Gospel (Math XV 30-38)
10. Hymn of the Cherubim (Cherubikon)
11. Litany
12. By the Father ,the Son and the Holy Spirit One in indivisible Trinity..(Patera,Ion..)...Creed....(Pistevo)...
12. Sanctus (Agios agios agios Kyrios Savaoth...)
13. Hymn To Our Lady (It is our duty... Axion estin)
15. Litany(supplication)
16. There is only one Saint,one Lord.. (Is Agios)
17. Invitation to the Communion
18. We have seen the True Light (Idhomen to fos to alithinon)
19. Final litany
20. Blessed is the Name of the Lord (To Onoma Kyriou)
21. Blessing
22. Hymn to the Celebrator (like Ton Dhespoti)

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