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Тhe voice of minaret
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Тhe voice of minaret

Тhe voice of minaret
Тhe voice of minaret

понеделник, юли 12, 2010

Dahabshiil Financial Services / DBI is a full service Islamic Bank

DBI is a full service Islamic Bank licensed by the Republic of Djibouti. The bank’s primary markets are in the Horn of Africa and the Somali Diaspora in the Gulf Region, Western Europe and North America. The bank combines world-class customer service,the highest ethical standards of Sharia and the latest technology, to bring cost-effective products and services to its customer base.

An unrivalled company

Dahabshiil Financial Services provides an unrivalled money transfer service to the millions of customers that it serves each year.

Established in 1970, Dahabshiil is proud of its reputation for outstanding customer service, innovation and compliance to all international regulations. Dahabshiil is a registered business in the UK and works across Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. The company serves people across the globe and is the leading organisation in Somalia in particular and the Horn of Africa in general.

The leading financial services company
Dahabshiil’s vision is to continue to be the leading financial services company for the East African communities wherever they live in the world.

Our mission is to become a truly global money service company which consistently exceeds customers’ expectations. We will achieve this by working in partnership with other businesses to expand our network, investing in our staff, utilising new technologies and complying with all regulations.

Remittances – a growth business
International person-to-person money transfers are one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Driven largely by migration remittances provide a vital lifeline. Funds are often initially sent by one family member to another to provide support for basic needs. However, over time funds are often used for a variety of purposes including investments and education.

Dahabshiil is ideally positioned to capitalise on this naturally growing market. Having initially established ourselves in the Horn of Africa as an ethical business that understands the needs of our customers and provides the services that they require we are ideally positioned to expand the range of products that we offer and the places that they are offered in.

Quality services
Using the highest level of quality control Dahabshiil offers international money transfer services throughout the world. Additionally, the group provides retail and corporate foreign exchange services and a number of micro-finance services in the region.

Due to the economic and political challenges in the region, Dahabshiil Financial Services has used its pre-eminent position at the heart of the Somali community to diversify into other vital business areas. It is part of a wider group that has interests in telecoms, construction and general trading – all operating with the same attention to detail and high levels of customer service.

Part of the community
We help with our community contributing to charity in all the markets in which we operate. Every year we invest in projects that assist the community.

A shared philosophy
Dahabshiil has formed partnerships with a number of international money transfer companies and banks to provide remittance services where the customers need them. Through these affiliations Dahabshiil is able to transfer money to over 150 countries throughout the world.

Dahabshiil enters into partnerships after due diligence to ensure that the partner organisation shares the same high standards and focus on customer service.

Technology - a key enabler
Dahabshiil ensures that the products offered are not slaves to technology. Instead we have invested heavily in technology in order to deliver simple, secure, reliable and fast services of the highest quality. Examples include on-line money transfers, free text message confirmations and Dahabcard customer loyalty card.

Regulatory compliance
At Dahabshiil we understand the importance of complying with all relevant regulatory and anti-money laundering regulations. We comply with all national regulations, for example we are registered with HMRC in the UK.

Dahabshiil has a comprehensive anti-money laundering programme that meets all international standards. This covers complete training of all staff and agents as well as checking each transaction to ensure compliance. In addition, we undertake agent training and workshops to reinforce the key aspects of relevant regulations.

Broad range of customers
As well as serving the most number of consumers in the Horn of Africa Dahabshiil also assists many private companies as well as international agencies and non-government organisations. Dahabshiil is a preferred service provider to UN, etc.

A winning partnership
By working with Dahabshiil you will be aligning your organisation with a company working in some of the most challenging global markets that abides by the highest ethical standards. Whether it is in our can do approach, the investments that we make in technology, compliance and our staff, or the absolute commitment to the highest quality services Dahabshiil will ensure that we work together to for the benefit of all parties and most importantly – our customers.

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